A Comprehensive Fleet To Meet Your Vehicle Needs


This document has been created as a helpful guide only. Makes and models will differ both in terms of dimensions and weight capacity. It is your responsibility to inform the team of the freight that is to be transported to ensure that we can facilitate the requirement.

Length: 1.0m  Width: 1.2m  Height: 1.2m
1 x Pallet 500kg

Length: 3.0m  Width: 1.2m  Height: 1.5m
2/3 x Pallet 900kg

Length: 4m  Width: 1.6m  Height: 1.8m
Up To 4 x Pallet 1200kg

Length: 4.5m  Width: 2.0m  Height: 2.1m
Up To 6 x Pallets 1000kg

Length: 6.0m  Width: 2.4m  Height: 2.2m
Up To 12 x Pallets 2200kg

Length: 7.3m  Width: 2.4m  Height: 2.5m
14 x Pallets 9000kg

Length: 7.3m  Width: 2.4m  Height: 2.4m
14 x Pallets 15000kg

Length: 13.5m  Width: 2.4m  Height: 2.6/2.7m
26 x Pallets 24000kg

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